Mary’s laughing. The Three Kings are pretty sour about having to walk so far. And Joseph is worried about ‘Who’s ya Daddy?’ I mean, do you really think Kitty Jesus looks like him?

Tis the season. Yeah, it’s a dog’s world, but they can love kitties too. Who knows, next time they may be hanging out with reindeers. And, no matter how far the Three Kings have to go to pack that frankincense, or in this case frankfurters, they know it’s worthwhile. It’s important. The giving, the compassion, the sharing of fleas… oops, I mean, companionship and laughter. And the charity for others. So next time someone asks “Who’s ya Daddy?” Tell ‘em to chill out. Cause this season, it’s really all about love.

Happy Holy-Days! Happy Holidays! Happy Everything! And thanks, Fleas Navidog for this great photo! — By Martha Hannah