Those lights are called Idiot Lights. Because, if you wait until one comes on to check the oil, fluid, etc. in your car, it’s way too late. You’re screwed. And you’re an idiot for trusting them. Or so I was told many years ago after I let the oil get too low and locked up my entire engine.

Though my mechanic had never met my dad and would never meet my dad, I made him promise me he’d never tell my dad, just in case there was some slight chance in the Universe they’d meet. In fact, after the first promise I said, “Let’s go through this again. If you ever, ever meet my dad, you’ll never mention this happened, right?”

It was a mantra of my dad’s. Check the oil, check the oil, check the oil in your car. Did you check the oil in your car? Have you checked the oil in your car? When did you check the oil in your car? I’d never live it down. Never.

I was just telling a friend this who thought the oil light in her car would come on to tell her it was time for a change.

This New Year you be the Change. Be the Light! Happy New Year to you all!