Things are poppin’ for me in Austin. I don’t know what’s happening between the planets and the stars right now. Maybe they’re doing the rumba, but whatever it is, I’m loving it. There’s all this creative opportunity here and I’m rushing to play, to write, perform, to learn and absorb as much as quickly as I possibly can. Yet, or so my dream says, I may be stretched a little thin and need a break.

Austin’s magnificent. Endless creativity connects here on the most unlikely, different levels and, at times, from the most unexpected sources. ‘Course you have to put energy out for things, opportunities to come back to you. The kind of energy you put out is what you get back. I like mine positive. Extra positive with a dollop of humor on top.

Now, that right energy, that right roll of dice, that I’ve been seeking for years, is happening for me. Not money, no, not real money yet, but I’m in the middle of a synergy of people and learning that’s feeding what I need. In acting, performing, in writing, laughter and friendship. I am surrounded with it and I plan to build on it. And, at this moment, wonderfully, it gives me a sweet, great sense of balance of spirit and self. Sorta’ like the perfect bourbon and coke, but healthier.

From my A Working Group on-camera acting conservatory classes to my Improv classes at The Institution Theater to my now Saturday Yoga class at Balance Dance Studios, thank you, Emily Farr aka Natalie Portman, I am meeting and learning with the most interesting combination of people. One, they’re from all over the world; Pakistan, China, Japan, NYC and across the US, but moreover, they are dedicated, professional, kind and open people who have almost a moral spirituality about themselves.

We find delight in one another’s performances and work. We trust and support each other and work toward our creative goals together. And in all these groups, amazingly, there’s not one toxic person. No, toxic is not allowed. Oh my, what a breath of fresh air. We truly enjoy one another and have fun!

On top of that, I’m getting calls to dust off my show for some local gigs. And just happen to have a great, new, trusted pal who’s a wonderful, talented fiddle player, Emily Adamson to back me up. Time to get costumes up, rehearse, sing and perform together. Yeah, twist my arm. Oh, I don’t want to miss any of this.

How do I know I need a break? I had a dream. A couple of weeks ago I dreamed I was laying on my side. Even in my dream, I guess I was too tired to stand up. After a moment Toni Brock, my AWG mentor-teacher came over to me and calmly looked at me dead on in the face. You know how some people are tired and say, “I need a vacation.” Never moving, I looked back at her and said, “I need three months in Europe.”

Yep, I may need a break. But I’m not up for missing any of these opportunities. I’ll rest when I get time. Unless of course, someone forks over tics for travel in Europe. Then we’ll be gone.  Meanwhile, I’ll rest when the dust settles. – By Martha Hannah