Usually there’s no rain in Austin, but late yesterday we actually got a torrential, wind gusting downpour. Looked out my upstairs office window into the oak tree right beside our house to see its limbs being blown wildly back and forth. There in the top branches, in amongst the clusters of big green leaves, was our yard squirrel. Yes, we have a yard squirrel. Anyway, he had his front paws wrapped around an enormous acorn, with his head on top of it, sheltering it and his back legs clutched around the limb, riding the ride. The rain was really pouring down and the squirrel was being whipped around with the tree. Literally, come hell or high water, he was not giving up that acorn! Lol, shades of the squirrel from Ice Age.

So, Squirrel Lesson, if you want something that badly, BE the squirrel. Ride the ride and hang on! — By Martha Hannah